Mann in the Crossfire by R. Weir – Review

Mann in the Crossfire by R. Weir
Mann in the Crossfire by R. Weir – review

Rating – 4/5

Private Investigator Jarvis Mann returns in an exciting new installment of the Jarvis Mann detective series. The brutal murder of an associate prompts Jarvis to travel to San Diego to investigate, where he crosses paths with a gang member hell-bent on killing him. Hot on Jarvis’ tail is a detective agency with a nefarious agenda supported by some corrupt government officials. Jarvis escapes (for the time being) with significant injuries, only to stumble upon a shocking discovery. Determined to reach the end of his investigation, he is forced to team up with lethal foes. Can Jarvis deliver justice to his deceased associate, or will he also end up the same way? Read Mann in the Crossfire by R. Weir to discover the answers.

Although Mann in the Crossfire is a part of a series, it can be read as a standalone. The author, R. Weir, briefly expounds the background, every time a past event is referenced.

The plot summary may seem like there are too many events to keep track of, but R. Weir does a brilliant job of drawing connections between the numerous events that occur in the book. Due to the use of lucid language, my attention didn’t waver even for a second.

Further, he intermittently summarizes all the clues and evidence that made it easier for me to follow Jarvis on his perilous journey without any hiccups. The story flows smoothly to culminate in an explosive climax that also ties up all the loose ends.

Nevertheless, it does have one shortcoming. The book is too long at around 450 pages. The author could have easily cut out some flab by removing unnecessary material like the rundown of Jarvis’ daily routine. Mentioning which exercises Jarvis did in the gym, or what he ate for breakfast, whether it was protein-rich or carbohydrate-rich, a couple of times is okay, but these were described many times.

Overall, Mann in the Crossfire was a satisfactory read and is recommended for fans of mystery, action and sleuth tales.

e-ARC, 429 pages, To be released on March 25th, 2019, by Amazon Digital Services

I reviewed this book for Readers’ Favorite.


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