Fishermen’s Court by Andrew Wolfendon – Review

Fishermen's Court by Andrew Wolfendon Book Review
Fishermen’s Court by Andrew Wolfendon – Review

Rating: 4 out of 5.

May 1999. Two college friends returning from their graduation party at night. One drunk, one still sober enough to drive. One of them makes a fatal mistake.

Eighteen years later …

A team of assassins ambushes Finn Carroll, a failed artist living a miserable life, attempt to murder him and stage it as a suicide. Finn survives and is shocked to find out they have left behind a suicide note mentioning a catastrophic incident in his past that only Finn knows about. Baffled, he moves to Musqasset Island, a remote island being blasted by a severe nor’easter, to stay with an old friend only to realize he has trapped himself amidst the very people who want him dead.

Does the eighteen-year-old incident have anything to do with Finn’s current state of affairs? Even if it is, why now? Finn needs to discover these answers fast, or else …

Fishermen’s Court by Andrew Wolfendon is one hell of a psychological thriller that took me by storm.

The pièce de résistance of Fishermen’s Court is its watertight plot. I could not find a single loophole in it. Wolfendon plunged me into action from page one, and the unrelenting, brisk pace resulted in taut suspense throughout the novel. Moreover, the author did not show his hand till the end resulting in a satisfying denouément.

Seldom do thrillers have space for character development. However, Fishermen’s Court proves to be different here as well. Wolfendon, without any exaggeration, has brilliantly portrayed the metamorphosis of Finn from a dispirited, depressed man to a man with a purpose. The author has deftly dealt with the literary ploy of getting trapped on a remote island during a raging storm.

Fishermen’s Court is hugely atmospheric, thanks to the author’s vivid descriptions. Further, Wolfendon’s “delirious love affair with the English language” shines through in this novel. He has a word for every situation, every tool, and every emotion. Sample this –

A quote from Fishermen’s Court by Andrew Wolfendon

The crisp sentences made it a breeze for me to read this novel.

However, at 355 pages, I felt the Fishermen’s Court to be a tad long. The author could have easily nixed some pages to make it shorter.


If you want to read a suspenseful thriller with loads of action, just grab Fishermen’s Court by Andrew Wolfendon and settle on a comfy sofa. You won’t notice when the time has passed. It’s a promising debut; I will be watching out for more from Wolfendon.

Get the book on Amazon.

eARC, 356 pages, To be released on June 13th, 2019, by Black Rose Writing.

I reviewed this book for Readers’ Favorite for which I received a nominal payment. This does not affect my opinion about the book. I opted to post my honest review of this book.

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