Mega Awesome Notebook by Kevin Minor – Review

Mega Awesome Notebook by Kevin Minor
Mega Awesome Notebook by Kevin Minor – Review

Rating – 4/5

A teenager, late for school, accidentally microwaves his doodle notebook while heating his breakfast. This brings alive the cartoon characters in the notebook. Now he needs to deal with a typical teenage day in school—replete with problems like social awkwardness, bullies, boring classes, love trouble—while trying to remain even keel with his notebook’s suddenly animated characters.

One of the characters, Dud, becomes the boy’s alter-ego as they continually poke each other. Can Dud help the boy realize that running from one’s problems won’t solve them? Can he make the boy face them? Grab Mega Awesome Notebook by Kevin Minor to find out.

Minor’s Mega Awesome Notebook is a fun, fast-paced, and short graphic novel that will appeal to young readers in late elementary and middle grades.

Despite its brevity, the novel packs quite a punch due to its message as well as the way it is delivered. The artwork is simple yet fascinating. It shows the protagonist’s overactive imagination and how he is unable to express his feelings. He is lonely as his divorced parents work for long hours and he has no friends.

Consequently, he pours out all his feelings into his doodle notebook creating awesome cartoon characters in the process. Each of these characters reflects his different fears which he defeats in the notebook but sadly is unable to conquer in real-life. This is where Dud steps in and makes our protagonist realize his folly.

The content is equally entertaining for adults young at heart. The artwork was good but could have been better resulting in an even more captivating novel. Kevin Minor’s Mega Awesome Notebook is recommended for middle schoolers looking for a light, fun-hearted read.

I reviewed this book for Readers’ Favorite.

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