Erkenci Kuş – Turkish Series Review

Erkenci Kuş
Erkenci Kus

Rating – 4.75/5

Yet another wonderful drama has come to an end. Yet another hangover to deal with. Aşk Laftan Anlamaz started my journey into the world of Turkish dramas, and it continues with Erkenci Kuş (meaning Early Bird in English). It is also being called as Daydreamer in many places.

You don’t need to read the post to understand this is an amazing drama. Just drop everything and watch it on YouTube (English subtitles are also available.).

The Story of Erkenci Kuş

Erkenci Kuş follows the journey of Sanem, a young girl who works in her father’s grocery store and aspires to become a world-famous writer so that she can settle in Galapagos thereafter. Forced to choose between an arranged marriage and finding a proper job, she takes up a job in an advertising agency, thanks to her sister. There she falls in love with her boss, the handsome, world-famous photographer Can Divit (pronounced as Jan). Watch the show to experience their phenomenal love and to know how true love stays despite adversities.

Can and Sanem in Erkenci Kuş
Can and Sanem

Why you should watch Erkenci Kuş?

The love between Can and Sanem was so real and passionate I couldn’t help but root for it.

Despite several difficulties, their love won. Both Can Yaman and Demet Özdemir (playing the roles of Can and Sanem respectively) were equally good in their roles, each of them effortlessly portraying the quirks of one’s characters with élan. Can and Demet had sizzling chemistry that jumped off the screen.

Can and Sanem in Erkenci Kuş
Can and Sanem

The best thing about this show is how both Can and Sanem grow together to become better versions of themselves. Sanem is initially an over-the-top girl who often doesn’t know when to keep her mouth shut and thus doesn’t fit into the corporate world. But by the end of the show, she grows into a dignified and successful woman. Can too initially is shown as a rude person who is a stickler for honesty. However, he, too, changes and becomes a flexible person willing to forgive mistakes.

Can and Sanem in Erkenci Kuş
Can and Sanem

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The supporting cast was terrific. The actors portraying Sanem’s sister Leila, Can’s brother Emre, Sanem’s parents, Sanem’s colleagues – CeyCey, Derain, Güliz, her friends- Osman, Ayhan, Muzaffer did justice to their characters. There are some hilarious scenes in this drama especially involving Sanem, Can, and CeyCey. You need to watch them to believe me.

Can Yaman as Can Divit in  Erkenci Kuş
Can Yaman as Can Divit in Erkenci Kuş

Another strong pillar of this drama is the realistic portrayal of life in an advertising agency. The dynamic workplace, elegant office décor, brainstorming sessions, high-pressure environment, the endless meetings, and the successful creative ideas at the end of it – all of these have been captured flawlessly in this drama.

Can Yaman as Can Divit in Erkenci Kuş
Can Yaman as Can Divit in Erkenci Kuş

However, it is the scriptwriters that deserve the applause for creating such an entertaining, romantic comedy of 51 episodes each 2 hours long. To make the audience wait with bated breath for the events to unfold over two hours requires remarkable writing and acting prowess. Sleek cinematography, beautiful and peppy background score, spot-on acting, and pleasing locations – all contributed to the making of this entertaining, romantic drama.

Episodes 49 and 50 were not to my liking, but they were a drop in the ocean. I’m willing to forgive the makers for those two episodes since the rest of the episodes were lovely.

I intentionally keep this post short so that you can stop reading and start watching this show. I highly recommend it. Now go watch it. 😊

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