Blood Seduction by Anna Rainn – Review

Blood Seduction by Anna Rainn
Blood Seduction by Anna Rainn – Review

Rating – 3.5/5

Haunted by her abusive past, Lenore has been pining for her high-school sweetheart, Andrew, for years. Trapped between a domineering mother and a non-existent love life, Lenore yearns to break out of her monotonous life.

Her wish comes true when she meets Richard, a handsome, rich and mysterious club owner. With eyes the shade of night, all-black attire, cold hands, and wickedly sinful ways, Richard seduces Lenore into a dark and deadly world. Now Lenore must decide – to remain as the flawed Lenore of her past or to become Richard’s Ella, a seductive and powerful woman.

Anna Rainn welcomes her readers to a dark, deadly, and seductively sinful world of vampires in her vampire romance novel, Blood Seduction.

I was lost for the first few pages since Rainn doesn’t divulge her heroine’s secrets right away. For instance, Andrew was all over the first few pages without his connection to Lenore being revealed. Further, she provides only a few glimpses of Richard in the first few pages. While this caused confusion, it also spurred me to read further and know more about Lenore’s life.

Rainn sketches all her characters adroitly. The self-conscious Lenore, the controlling mother, the sensual, handsome, and loving Richard—as well as the supporting cast—all, are portrayed aptly. (Describing any more characters would lead to spoilers. :P)

Rainn takes time to introduce vampires into her story and lets Lenore’s tale take center stage in the first half of the novel. She takes her sweet time to bring Richard and Lenore’s budding romance to fruition, all the while maintaining an air of secrecy around Richard. This, in my humble opinion, sets apart Blood Seduction from other vampire romance novels. There is no “insta-love” here. Further, I loved Lenore’s journey from being an ordinary, inhibited girl to a confident, self-assured woman.

Once the vampires enter the stage, Lenore and the story, changes (literally). The story becomes fast-paced with elements of political intrigue and betrayal showing up as well. Although the first half is slow, once the second half started, I couldn’t put down the book. Be warned, the novel has one hell of a cliffhanger which will make you wait for the sequel with bated breath.

Rainn is a talented writer. She vividly captures the claustrophobic life in a small town especially for a girl like Lenore with a troubled past. She writes suspense and romance with equal élan. The smoking-hot love scenes between Ella and Richard took my breath away while the nail-biting suspense at the end kept me on tenterhooks.

Blood Seduction is perfect for fans of supernatural romance. Even those who don’t like a tinge of paranormal in their romance, read it. You will be pleasantly surprised.

It includes dark themes (sexual abuse) and has quite a few love scenes that might be triggering to some readers.

I received a free digital copy from the author. I opted to provide an honest review.

e-ARC, 306 pages, Published July 12th, 2019

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