Emma's New Life by Paul G. Wilson

Emma's New Life by Paul G. Wilson
Emma’s New Life by Paul G. Wilson

Rating – 5/5

Emma is a hedgehog who feels she is leading a dull life, and her friends lead a far more exciting life than her. She keeps on complaining how all of them have so much excitement in their lives, however, she barely has any lively moment in her life. She yearns for an adventure.

One day, her wish is granted, and she finds herself transported to a completely different world, the world of the Humans. She tries adjusting herself to her new surroundings but soon finds herself out of depth, facing threatening situations she could have never imagined.

Will Emma be forever trapped in the cruel world of the humans, or will she return to her beloved woods? Read Emma’s New Life by Paul G Wilson to find out.

Wilson’s Emma’s New Life is a captivating children’s book, suited best for middle-grade children. However, I will be bold enough to say the book will appeal to even the Young Adult audience.

Wilson knows how to hold the attention of his readers, especially his target audience. Without using unacceptably simplistic language, Wilson crafts a smoothly flowing tale of adventure.

Wilson vividly portrays the various animals such as Emma herself, Olivia the deer, Nigel the fish, Gwendolyn the bluebird, the wolf, the beer etcetera. A parent will be delighted to read out aloud this story to his child; the child herself will enjoy reading this story.

The story highlights the importance of friendships in life. It also emphasizes the fact that ordinary is good. In the rat race to achieve the extraordinary, we often fail to appreciate the ordinary things that provide structure to our life. Most importantly, it provides a valuable lesson to the target audience to treat animals with respect and care. These mute creatures are not toys to be played with.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and therefore, highly recommend it.

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