Book Blitz – The Chosen Ones by Lisa Luciano


Book Title: The Chosen Ones

Author: Lisa Luciano

Release Date: May 1, 2020

Publisher: Micro Publishing Media Inc.

ISBN-10: 1936517302

ISBN-13: 978-1936517305

Price: $16.95

Paperback: 288 Pages

Genres: Mystery, crime, thriller, suspense, sports fiction, fiction

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The Chosen Ones by Lisa Luciano book cover
The Chosen Ones by Lisa Luciano


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Instagram: @lisalucianobooks

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If you thought the Tonya Harding / Nancy Kerrigan story was the biggest scandal in figure skating history, you are in for a surprise. It is just one of the many shocking and tragic scandals to rock the world of figure skating. Behind the glitz and glamour in the rink is a world filled with dark and disturbing secrets, corruption, greed, addiction, abuse, racism, homophobia, athletes at the breaking point, and countless suspects capable of murder in their quest for the gold medal.

The grittiness of the language is nicely offset by the dynamics between the multi-Written by former NY Times Olympic reporter Lisa Luciano, The Chosen Ones (though fictionalized for protection) reveals shocking secrets inspired by real-life skaters and events. It is a darkly entertaining depiction of the scandal and social issues entrenched in high-profile Olympic sports.

A chilling message left on an answering machine warns that one of the world’s top male figure skaters will be dead before the end of the Olympics. A disgraced reporter has one chance to save a life and resurrect his career by going undercover as a trainer in order to infiltrate the backstage world of figure skating. What he discovers hidden behind the smiles and sequins, is a chilling and dangerously competitive world filled with corruption and scandal. In this non-stop thriller, only one person can win. Not everyone will survive.


With the growing popularity of high-pressure sports and the upcoming Olympics (whenever that may be), readers are looking to whet their appetite with a backstage pass to the drama, chaos, and politics of competitive sports.

This book offers a fictionalized look behind the scenes of a cutthroat sport that presents as the epitome of grace and poise. Framed by the story of Brody and his investigation into the potential murder, the plot braids together mystery, crime, romance, racial tension, and the narratives of various athletes and skating insiders.

In any media format, journalists are now uncovering what was once said to be “don’t ask, don’t tell” information, and exposing corruption and abuse in many different settings. Victims are now emboldened to speak up because society has had enough. This story, set in the ’90s, was one of the first to take a stance and search for answers. Combined with the ever so popular “true crime” perspective, this thrilling novel takes the reader on a mission to expose long overdue secrets behind the sequins.

The writing in this novel includes both literary descriptions and technical skating detail. And twisted around the investigation plot are a few juicy romances, some of them illicit, which keeps the drama high from cover to cover.

This new edition includes additional resources for everyone from novices to serious skating fans that combines fact and fantasy to offer the never-before-told story of the complex and captivating world of high-pressure sports.


picture of Lisa Luciano - Author of The Chosen Ones
Lisa Luciano – Author of The Chosen Ones

Former New York Times sports reporter, Lisa Luciano has a unique perspective into the icy world of competitive figure skating, which she writes about in her debut novel, The Chosen Ones. The book won multiple awards in advance of its release in May 2020 including Best Sports Fiction in the NYC Big Books Competition. Luciano was also a television producer and director who received national recognition for excellence in educational programming. A teacher with 40 years of experience, Luciano taught English, TV Production, Technology, and Digital Literacy and most recently worked as a Library Media Specialist. She currently resides in Connecticut.


An NYC Big Book Award Winner

“The characters are emotionally rich and convincing. I loved the psychological depth of the protagonist, a broken man struggling to find important answers to save a life. The writing is atmospheric and the setting is vividly captured in engaging prose. Lisa Luciano uses suspense to get readers turning the pages, wondering who can possibly be the victim and who is the killer. It’s a story with a powerful premise, a strong conflict, and a gripping plot. The Chosen Ones is a good read.”   

 — Readers’ Favorite


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6 thoughts on “Book Blitz – The Chosen Ones by Lisa Luciano”

  1. Enjoyed your take on the book and it reminded me of the movie I, Tonya which is about the biggest scandal that rocked the sport.
    Much appreciated and thanks for sharing

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  2. I’m reading this one too and it’s pretty good. I just hope it’s more than an all-men POV when it’s supposed to be about skating. 🥴

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I haven’t started reading it yet. The blurb sounds pretty interesting. I do hope the book provides more glimpses into the world of skating than just the all-men POV you’re talking about. Thanks for commenting, Danielle. 🙂

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