Stones of Light by Zack Argyle – Cover Reveal

The sequel to Zack Argyle’s SPFBO finalist novel, Voice of War.

Many thanks to Storytellers on Tour for my spot on this cover reveal. Let’s first see what the book is about.


Chrys is trapped in his own mind.

Laurel has lost her threadlight.

And Alverax may have doomed them all.

What have they done?

Former High General Chrys Valerian is trapped in his own mind and, as they travel east, he will soon learn where the Apogee is headed.

In the grounder city of Alchea, Laurel is taken in by the queen of the Bloodthieves but, if it means she can become a threadweaver again, it might just be worth it.

To the west, Alverax travels with the Zeda people as they deal with the aftermath of the battle of the Fairenwild. With an uprooted people and a broken coreseal, he’ll have to navigate a whole new world and rising pressure.

Together, they changed the world…now they must deal with the consequences

Stones of Light by Zack Argyle - Cover Reveal
Stones of Light by Zack Argyle – Cover Reveal

And now let’s see the cover!






And here is the cover!

Stones of Light by Zack Argyle - book cover
Stones of Light by Zack Argyle


Genre: Epic Fantasy ||  Series: Threadlight (#2) || To be Published on April 4, 2021

Cover Illustration: Ömer Burak Önal (

AUthor Bio

Zack Argyle
Zack Argyle

Zack Argyle was raised with a wonderful family motto: don’t let the truth get in the way of a good story. What better way than to write fiction? He spends his days writing code and his nights writing epic stories about family, love, loss, friendship, and pain all intermixed with a heavy dose of the fantastical.


Website || Twitter || Goodreads

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