The Between by Ryan Leslie – Book Blitz


While landscaping his backyard, ever-conscientious Paul Prentice discovers an iron door buried in the soil. His childhood friend and perpetual source of mischief, Jay Lightsey, pushes them to explore what’s beneath.

When the door slams shut above them, Paul and Jay are trapped in a between-worlds place of Escher-like rooms and horror story monsters, all with a mysterious connection to a command-line, dungeon explorer computer game from the early ’80s called The Between.

Paul and Jay find themselves filling roles in a story that seems to play out over and over again. But in this world, where their roles warp their minds, the biggest threat to survival may not be the Koŝmaro, risen from the Between’s depths to hunt them; the biggest danger may be each other.

The Between by Ryan Leslie -  Book Blitz
The Between by Ryan Leslie – Book Blitz
Quote from The Between by Ryan Leslie
The Between by Ryan Leslie -  Book cover
The Between by Ryan Leslie


Genre:  Adult, Horror || Published on April 27th 2021 by Parliament House

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  • 10x eBook copies or The Between,
  • 1 paperback copy of The Between,
  • 1 paperback copy of The Between + gift card

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Ryan Leslie

Ryan Leslie oversees research for a large health system, where making stuff up is generally frowned upon. His creative outlet has always been writing fiction. He lives in Austin, Texas, with his wife, children’s author Lindsay Leslie, and their two sons.

Author Links: Website || twitter

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