A Short Update: A Non-Linear Trajectory for my Blog

Hello, My dear blogger friends and readers! I hope all of you are well in this unprecedented time of crisis. I have a short update to share.

You might have noticed I have not been active in blogosphere lately. I registered my blog on WordPress seven years ago, but it was only from November 2018 that I started writing in my blog regularly.

2018-2020 was a particularly tough period for me. I had left my job to prepare for a grueling and extremely competitive Masters entrance examination. It took me two years to realize my dream. While I was struggling professionally, my blog was a means of escape for me. And books too! Where will I be if not for the books.

And Turkish series. Yup, they helped me survive too! If you have not watched a Turkish series yet, I request you to read my articles on them. There are some great Turkish series out there. Although the English translations sound cheesy, I promise you will be hooked.

After this small detour from the world of books, let us go back into it again.

By God’s grace, I am now admitted into a STEM Masters program of a prestigious university in India. However, Masters course is demanding. Very demanding! I hardly have time to breathe some days.

This, naturally, affected my blogging schedule. I used to post on Wednesdays and Saturdays. But, that was no longer possible. My blog is mostly about books. But, I have not been able to read as many books as I want. Hence, now I post once a week. Sometimes, even that is not possible.

Other than paucity of time, another factor has affected my blogging. I no longer feel that same happiness in blogging. Why? Well, growing stats is a major factor in motivating any blogger (no matter what they claim). Unfortunately, despite my best efforts, book reviews do not work well. In fact, it is my posts on Turkish series that garner most of the views on my blog. I have no shame in admitting in this.

I tried a lot of tricks in the bag to improve my stats. Joining blog tours was one of them. While I enjoyed them initially, the joy has now tapered down for me. Blog tours have not resulted in any significant improvement in my stats. As a result, reading a book and writing a review within a stipulated period of time is taking away the bliss of reading for me. So, I have decided to participate in only those book tours which will absolutely rivet my attention. I have already started doing so.

Then, there is a beast called Netgalley. A very attractive beast. But a beast it is! Once it lures you into its portal, only an extremely strong willpower can get you out of it. Though I have stopped requesting books from Netgalley (Yay, willpower!), my ratio stands at 60%. So, more ARCs to read … in time!

Moreover, as any book blogger knows, blogging is not just writing. It is also about presenting. You need to create graphics that enhance the attractiveness of your post. Writing the review itself is not easy. All of these take time. A precious commodity which, now, I do not have.

Hence, I have decided to go completely wild with my blog. I am no longer going to bind myself with compulsions of posting according to a schedule or finish reading a book within a certain date. I am going to pickup any book that fancies my mood at that time. It might be a classic or an ARC or a backlist title. My blog is not going to have a schedule, at least not for the immediate future. I may post more series or film reviews than reviews of books.

I have never written a discussion post before. This is more of a revelation-of-self post. So, I may write discussion posts in the future too.

The schedules for the book tours I have signed up for will definitely go up on time. I will try to read all the ARCs I have requested and have been approved for in the next 3-4 months. However, that’s it!

I require time to get back my joy of blogging. Till then, I request my readers to be patient with me.

Meanwhile, you can let me know in the comments below if you also experienced a similar situation. If yes, how did you overcome it?


Author: debjani6ghosh

I started this blog to discuss books that I read and movies that I watch. But the blog may not be purely restricted to that!

29 thoughts on “A Short Update: A Non-Linear Trajectory for my Blog”

  1. Congratulations on your achievement of being accepted on such a challenging programme, Debjani!
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings about blog tours, posting schedules and the pressure of reviewing ARCs before the publication date- I know I enjoyed blogging much more when I posted just a couple times a week and felt more in control of my reading . I admire your self-discipline and will power for staying away from NG.
    Life isn’t easy at the moment, and it’s great that you’re trying to focus on what gives you more joy and happiness. Reading your thoughtful reflections has always given me that and I’m really grateful for your posts whenever they go up.
    All the best wishes for your future, Debjani!❤❤❤

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  2. The most important thing is to do what makes you happy. Worrying about stats or how many people respond is bothersome. The important thing is does blogging make you happy or is it just another thing I must do.

    Concentrate on yourself, Debjani, and give yourself time to bask in your achievements. Congratulations and best wishes for a future filled with lots of amazing possibilities! 🌸💕🌸

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  3. Congratulations on your being accepted in the masters program, Debjani💜 That’s quite an accomplishment.

    I was an associate reviewer on another blog before I activated my own in June 2018. I had no goals or objectives at that time other than to be in a community where I could discuss books with others who loved to read, share my experiences and learn from others. I’m one of those rare birds who really doesn’t care about stats and the only thing regular about my blog is the Saturday feature. I post when I’ve got something to share. It’s rather freeing and I encourage you to embrace the same as you focus on your education.

    I follow you by email so whenever you post a review, it shows up no matter the frequency. You’re an amazing writer! Best of luck to you as you move forward in your journey.

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    1. So well said Jo. I too have no idea what my stats are and refuse to see it. In my life, due to the pandemic, I have lost all my colleagues I was close to due to covid, so my stats in life are pretty low. Don’t really care about stats of blog until life stats come up

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  4. I’m sorry you’re so stressed but congrats on getting into your Masters program! I’m going through something similar right now too, although my posting schedule hasn’t changed. But I find it harder and harder to care about my blog as much. My stats are way down, comments are down, and I’ve been losing followers who have been with me for years but no longer visit my blog. Its very disheartening. I feel an overall shift away from blog hopping and I think book blogs may be losing steam in general.

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    1. Thanks for your comment, Tammy. I agree with you. I also feel book blogs no longer appeal to readers. To be honest, I find blog hopping to be tiresome. But this may be due to my current state of mind. I now only comment on a few people’s blogs who have steadfastly commented on my blog since it started.

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  5. Hi Debjani, congrats on your life updates — lovely to read about what you’ve accomplished! Keep at it.

    This is Sacha, the author of “Climbing The Walls” that you once reviewed. Just reaching out to say, I completely feel you on this post! I’ve started my own reader blog https://sfortuneauthor.com/book-reviews/
    You inspired me with your insightful reviews; I try to make mine long and thoughtful rather than the cursory review many bloggers do.

    But alongside a full time job, revamping my book series, writing new stories, and maintaining all my own website and social media, plus a life entirely outside of words (I’ve since become a mama!), it’s been crazy trying to read at the pace I started… my TBR is ridiculously long and I’ve had to learn to STOP requesting/downloading books, or limit myself!

    With both my reading and my writing, I have been struggling to “find the joy” and not focus on stats or sales or income. Though it is still overwhelming, I’ve been much happier since taking that approach!

    The joy is there, there is still so much magic in words to transport you to other lives and new worlds. There is no answer to it, but just know that whatever you do put out there, it is appreciated, and focus on that.


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    1. Thanks for your word of advice, Sacha. 🙂 I do remember you and your book “Climbing the Walls”. I can’t not focus on stats. That’s not how my brain is wired. Maybe with passage of time, as I regain my joy of reading, stats will be a secondary or the tertiary factor for this blog.

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  6. It’s definitely tough to keep up with everything specifically when you’re student/have job/have kid. You can’t turn blind to stats but the trick is not focusing on it.
    It’s okay to take break and not following any schedule but yes when you’re concerned about your stats than you have to think about it how you’re going to do it.
    My blog has been reviews only for 4 years and I was gained followers based on that only but yes we do require change time to time and I started writing discussion post as well.
    Tours never help in gaining followers it’s fact I learned early. I participate as it gives me chance to read books I can’t get early and I don’t say yes to all. I’m very picky when it comes to tour books.
    I hope things work out and you can settle both master course and blog soon .

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    1. I have learnt the facts about book tours the hard way. From now on, I am also going to be extremely picky about which tour I participate in. Thank you for your advice as well.

      I would try not to focus on stats too much. 🙂

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  7. As life changes, so do our interests and we also are required to pick and choose where we spend our time. Congratulations on being accepted into the STEM Masters program Debjani. I wish you all the best in your further studies. I was just commenting yesterday about getting bogged down with blog tours again. I am going to back off and not take on anymore over the summer and see how that works. I love getting the hits and views on my blog, but I honestly don’t think that motivates me, but who knows. I follow a lot of different blogs, not just books and will continue to follow and read what you post as I enjoy the way you present your ideas. Enjoy your new endeavours.

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  8. Debjani, congratulations on your entry into Masters. Honestly speaking, I never look at my stats as I don’t care about it. For me it is all about reading, writing and getting to next book. I don’t even look at my stats. It is probably decreasing. Who cares and with a world affected my pandemic, how do these numbers matter? People matter family and friends matter and good people matter. So for me I read books as per my mood. I do Tours but due to mental stress, I have taken a 6 month break. Life is about living now. So freak out in the now… That’s all I can say.

    After reading your post, I am tempted to look at my stats. But I won’t… They are just numbers not my soul and whatever be the numbers, I love my blog because it is mine

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    1. That’s great, Shalini. 🙂 “I love my blog because it is mine”. I want to get back this feeling again. Hence, my decision to change the status quo.

      You’re right. In this time of Covid-19, blog stats hardly matter. Time spent with family and doing what we enjoy supersedes everything else.

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  9. Congratulations on getting into your master’s program! That’s wonderful news! I completely understand the different demands on your time. I will look forward to your posts whenever you are able to get them in. Congratulations again!

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