The Blood Beast Mutations by Carl John Lee – Spotlight

Welcome back to my weekly Spotlight series.

This week’s book under spotlight is The Blood Beast Mutations by Carl John Lee.


The world is on its knees.
A deadly pandemic throttles the globe. Democracy has crumbled. Armed gangs of militant protestors stalk the streets. Amidst this waking nightmare, a new horror develops.
The virus is mutating.

Dan Lewis’s wife is sick. When he receives a call from the hospital, he’s prepared for the worst.
Or so he thought.
Because that call plunges Dan into an unending spiral of insanity and depravity. Now, he must fight his way through the battle-scarred streets of New York City to find his wife, unprepared for what awaits him out there…in the shadows.

Grim and terrifying, but laced with gallows humor and surprising heart, THE BLOOD BEAST MUTATIONS is an all-too-relatable story of courage and gruesome horror.

The Blood Beast Mutations by Carl John Lee - Spotlight
The Blood Beast Mutations by Carl John Lee – Spotlight
The Blood Beast Mutations by Carl John Lee book cover


Genre: Horror|| Pages: 93 || Published May 15th 2020


Carl John Lee author photo
Carl John Lee

A New York-based screenwriter, Carl John Lee has written a bunch of movies you’ve either never seen, or would never admit to seeing. He wrote his debut novella, The Blood Beast Mutations, in 2020, disgusted and horrified by the world around him.

Inspired by Roger Corman and the golden age of exploitation films, Lee probes deep into the filthy underbelly of America, contrasting his bleak worldview with dark humour.

His new book, Horror House of Perversion, is out August 20th. 

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