Flowers on Her Grave by Jennifer Chase – Review

Flowers on Her Grave by Jennifer Chase Review

Rating – 4/5

After attending her uncle and aunt’s wedding anniversary party, when Detective Scott arrives at her uncle’s house for their morning run, she feels something amiss. A few moments later, she is horrified to see her beloved aunt’s bloodied mutilated corpse sprawled across the floor of the laundry room. Everyone suspects her uncle, Pine Valley’s sheriff, to be the murderer since his fingerprints are all over the murder weapon. However, Katie knows how deeply her uncle loved her aunt; he couldn’t have done it.

Working in the cold case division, she chances upon an old case in which the body of a young girl was found tied to a tree. Her body had the same distinct lacerations found on her aunt’s body. Katie is certain there is a link between the cases. Unfortunately, every clue she follows results in a dead-end. However, a piece of the thread she found in her uncle’s house while she was clandestinely searching it may be the link between these cases. Ignoring warnings from her team, she decides to do the unthinkable to save her uncle. Will she survive to prove her uncle’s innocence? Read Flowers on Her Grave by Jennifer Chase to find out.

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