Pernicious Pursuit by Gary D. McGugan – Review

McGugan’s Pernicious Pursuit is an action-packed, thrilling tale of survival where the odds are stacked against the bad guy with a good heart.

After spilling the beans against the criminal outfit, The Organization, for whom he used to previously work, Howard Knight is under the FBI’s witness protection. However, The Organization’s reach is far and wide. It does not take long to find out his hiding spot in the Netherlands from where goons kidnap him.

His lover and partner-in-crime, Janet Weissel, barely escapes. Now, what’s her next course of action? Whom should she trust? Where should she go?

As Janet tries to chart her future course of action, Howard, meanwhile, is doing everything to stay alive—barely. Will he survive The Organization’s brutal torture, or will he be another nameless victim of this nefarious criminal outfit? Read Pernicious Pursuit by Gary D. McGugan to find out.

Pernicious Pursuit by Gary D. McGugan Book Review and Cover
Pernicious Pursuit by Gary D. McGugan

Rating: 5 out of 5.
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