Books with Fish on the cover: 10 Spectacular Middle grade books

If you have been following my blog, you would know I adore browsing books with beautiful covers. Yes! I am guilty of judging a book by its cover. For this post, I stumbled upon books that have fish on their cover.

While curating this list, I observed many of these books catered to the middle-grade audience, fiction and non-fiction alike. Many of the books listed below (except the first one, which is a horror book) feature children as protagonists and feature themes of dealing with grief, coming of age, and being curious about the world. However, this list cannot be strictly relegated to the middle-grade audience only. There is no reason why these books won’t win the hearts of my adult readers as well.

Without further ado, let’s dive in!

Books with Fish on the cover
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The Shining by Stephen King – Review

The Shining by Stephen King - review & book cover
The Shining by Stephen King – review

Rating: 4 out of 5.

I read a remarkable novel titled The Shining by Stephen King. I am a big fan of the horror genre but was generally dissatisfied by the lame horror tales that the new age movies deliver.

So, this book proved to be a jolt of awakening for me.

I had never imagined that simply flipping through the pages of a book could spook me to such an extent that I would continuously open my eyes after every five minutes or so to check the presence of any ghosts. (Trust me I am not exaggerating). 

I was browsing through the Internet to look for good horror novels. Almost every page that I surfed overwhelmingly suggested this book (albeit on one condition: do not read it at night). So I set out to read it.

King has delivered a masterpiece with this book. He not only succeeds in creating a haunting atmosphere, which gradually closes upon Danny (and the reader), but also delves into the dynamics of relationship in a family. The Shining refers to the psychic telepathic abilities of five year old Danny Torrance who has ‘visions’ of the future. When his father becomes the caretaker of The Overlook Hotel, the Torrance family has to move into the hotel for the winter. However, as winter becomes severe and they are secluded from the rest of the world by blizzards, strange and out-of-the world events occur that seem to hint that the hotel has a life of its own.

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