House of the Shrieking Woman by Steven Ramirez – Review

House of the Shrieking Woman by Steven Ramirez

Rating – 4/5

Sarah Greene is a psychic. She can communicate with ghosts and has been doing so since she was fifteen, after her best friend’s demise. Although she doesn’t comprehend why she was chosen for this “gift”, she can’t turn her back on it. Putting her abilities to good use, she investigates paranormal mysteries.

One such mystery or let’s say, a series of disturbing events occur at a women’s shelter. Despite barely surviving her previous encounter with a deadly dark force, Sarah agrees to investigate these events. The arrival of Ana, a domestic abuse survivor from Guatemala, apparently started these unsettling events. However, Sarah soon realizes these to be the handicraft of a demonic force that has its evil roots settled deep into the town of Don Santos. Will Sarah be able to save Ana? Most importantly, will she herself survive another encounter with a demon? Read House of the Shrieking Woman by Steven Ramirez to find out.

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China Basin by R.A. Niles – Review

China Basin by R.A. Niles

On a wintry foggy morning in San Fransisco in June 1950, when the bloated corpse of Carlo Steffano, a mob lawyer, rolls out of a cargo net, Inspector Andrew Johnson hardly feels any remorse for the dead man. However, what complicates matters further is the discovery of another corpse—that of Hector Arroyo—in the trunk of a nearby car. Arroyo is a drug mule and works for the Mexicans.

This piques the interest of Johnson and his partner, Camozzi, since the mob and the Mexicans are fierce competitors. Hence, it doesn’t make any sense for these two bodies to be discovered near each other.  Thus, starts a fateful investigation into these grisly murders, told in the first person from the perspective of Johnson, that plunges him neck-deep into the quagmire of drugs, brothels, and Communism in China.

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My Top 7 Reads of 2019

Another year is going to end in two days. Another year in which I have spectacularly failed to reach my reading goals. Yet, among the few books that I read, these are the books that stand out for me. Have a look:

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Five Books with Red Covers You Must Read

Below I have listed out five books with red covers, some of which I have read and some I plan to.

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Five Books with Green Covers You Must Read

In this post, I am going to list out books with green covers that should be read. Unfortunately, I don’t have books with green cover in my bookshelf (except one). Let’s start the list, shall we?

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Little Girls Sleeping by Jennifer Chase – Review

Little Girls Sleeping Book Cover
Little Girls Sleeping – Review

Rating: 4 out of 5.

An eight-year-old girl, Chelsea Compton, is missing in Pine Valley, California. For newly minted Detective Katie Scott, it’s a grim reminder of the disappearance of a childhood friend. Due to the lack of any leads, Chelsea’s case has been declared cold by the police. However, Katie’s military training and her sixth sense tell her otherwise.

She starts investigating on her own and to her horror, unearths a row of graves in a remote location deep in the mountainous forests. Each of these graves contains a brightly colored teddy bear and …. some more bodies. Amidst all these, another little girl goes missing. Suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder due to her military experiences and still haunted by her childhood friend’s disappearance, Katie vows to protect the abducted girl.

But can she? Read Little Girls Sleeping by Jennifer Chase to find out.

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