Review Policy & Contact

Currently not accepting any review requests.

Types of Books I Read:-

I am open to reading books of every genre provided they hold my interest. However, I prefer the following (in order of preference):-

  1. Crime/Thriller/Mystery/Suspense
  2. Horror/Paranormal
  3. Contemporary fiction/Literary fiction
  4. Women’s fiction
  5. Romance
  6. Fantasy and Dystopia
  7. Young Adult and middle-grade fiction

Types of Books I Don’t Read:-

  1. Non-fiction
  2. Religious fiction

Terms and Conditions

I read both digital (PDF, epub, mobi) and print copies. I live in India. Hence, w.r.t print copies, please contact me only if you’re okay with mailing books to India.

Please provide a description/blurb and the publication date of your book. If possible, also provide the Amazon/Goodreads link of your book. I take one month to review a book after I accept it. If your book is accepted, I will feature it in my blog & cross-post it on Goodreads (and sometimes on Twitter/Facebook and

I provide honest reviews. I don’t attack the author; I only discuss the book.

All reviews are free. I reserve the right to decline a review request. Please give me credit (that is, use my name/link back to the review on my blog) if you want to quote from my review.

In case, I did not like the book enough to rate it above 2 stars, I’m flexible enough to not post its review on my blog, but I’ll rate it on Goodreads. If I DNFed the book, I’ll let you know.

Contact Information:-

You can contact me at

Please use the words “Review Request” in the subject line while contacting me by mail.


If the book I’m reviewing has been obtained from author/publisher/e-galley website, it is clearly mentioned in that blog post. However, if the source is not mentioned, it means that I have bought or borrowed the book from a friend/library.

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