Review Policy & Contact

Types of Books I Read:-

I am open to reading books of every genre provided they hold my interest. However, I prefer the following (in order of preference):-

  1. Crime/Thriller/Mystery/Suspense
  2. Horror
  3. Contemporary fiction
  4. Women’s fiction
  5. Romance
  6. Science fiction and Dystopia

Types of Books I Don’t Read:-

  1. Non-fiction
  2. Religious fiction
  3. Young Adult

Terms and Conditions

I read both digital (PDF, epub, mobi) and print copies. I read most of my books on Kindle app in my smartphone.

I live in India. Hence, w.r.t print copies, please contact me only if you’re okay with mailing books to India.

Please provide a description/blurb and the publication date of your book. If possible, also provide the Amazon/Goodreads link of your book. I take one month to review a book after I accept it. If your book is accepted, I will feature it in my blog. Further, I will cross-post the review on Goodreads (and sometimes on Twitter/Facebook and

I provide honest reviews. I don’t attack the author; I only discuss the book.

All reviews are free. I reserve the right to decline a review request.

In case, I did not like the book enough to rate it above 2 stars, I’m flexible enough to not post its review on my blog, but I’ll rate it on Goodreads.

Contact Information:-

You can contact me at

Please use the words “Review request” in the subject line while contacting me by mail. Also, let me know if you want me to post my review close to the release date of the book.