Bay Yanlış – Turkish Dizi Review | Episodes 6 – 12

Can Yaman and Özge Gürel are back with a new series, Bay Yanlış (Mr. Wrong), that airs on Fox Turkey every Friday 8.00 P.M. They had previously worked together on Dolunay.

Being a huge fan of Yaman, I could not afford to miss this one. To date, thirteen episodes have been aired. Spoiler-free review for episodes 1-5 are available here.

Spoiler-free review of episodes 13-14 can be found here.

Let’s dive into another spoiler-free review for episodes 6-12 in this post.

Bay Yanlış is a romantic, fun, and light-hearted drama. It features a great lead pair, a strong supporting cast, and a good script as well.

Bay Yanlış Turkish dizi poster
Bay Yanlış Turkish dizi poster


Aha! Love is blossoming. There were looks of disappointment on both Özgür and Ezgi’s face when they decide to tell their respective mothers they have broken up. The game they were playing has turned real for them without any of them realizing it. Ezgi’s sass was wonderful to see. We got to see some truly magical moments in this episode.

It was an excellent episode from first till the last. Both are jealous of each other’s partner, but none will admit to it.

Özgür and Ezgi


It turned out to be another great episode full of the sizzling chemistry between Özgür and Ezgi. They can’t keep their eyes off each other. Moreover, the story is heating up.

The organization for the Latin Night Party at Özgür’s restaurant was beautiful.

Meanwhile, Söner (Ezgi’s ex-boyfriend) makes an appearance at the climax. I was delighted to watch Özgür punch Söner so hard.

Özgür and Ezgi dancing Tango in Episode 7


The beginning is achingly sweet. Both want to stay with each other, but both are forced to stay apart. The looks on their faces! All they wanted was to spend a few more moments with each other. But the next 45 minutes is well, devoid of any adventure.

I also felt some of the scenes were a tad unrealistic. Ezgi is the Public Relations Manager for Özgür’s successful restaurant. How does she have the time to sit and gossip with her friends, that too in the restaurant?

Anyways, the mothers are doing their best to tear away Özgür and Ezgi from each other. Like we saw in episode 5, Özgür and Ezgi’s lies are now coming back to bite them.

Ezgi and Özgür


It was great. However, the ending was brutal. Özge (Özgür and Ezgi) was brilliant. Her shock and grief, when Özgür told her to go, was so palpable.

On the other hand, Ozan and Deniz are slowly getting comfortable and friendly with each other. Can’t wait for episode 10. Ezgi finally stood up for herself in this episode. Love does make a person stronger.

Özgür is shocked to see Ezgi with Serdar


I felt both their pain which arose due to a big misunderstanding. It was a good episode overall. Ezgi has transformed herself into a woman who can speak her mind.

The plot to separate Özgür and Ezgi, on the other hand, is becoming thicker and intriguing. Characters from the past turn up and connive with characters from the present. Let’s see what’s going to happen. I am sure the future episodes are going to be full of surprises, more love between Özgür and Ezgi, more fight between their families, and more plotting by their enemies.

Özgür and Ezgi waiting for each other to call


This was another brilliant episode. All the couples enjoyed themselves in this episode. Özgür and Ezgi have finally let go of their misunderstandings and inhibitions and enjoying the company of each other. The scenes between them were beautiful to watch. Levent is his usual comic self and providing humorous moments throughout.

It was indeed an excellent episode throughout. It was a perfect balance of romance, intrigue, friendship, jealousy, and enmity.

Ozan and Deniz
Özgür and Ezgi


The chemistry between Can Yaman and Özge Gürel is amazing and effortless. Although the conspiracies against Özgür and Ezgi are increasing in intensity as well as quantity, this episode cleared a lot of misunderstandings. However, as soon as I felt all the conspiracies are over, the last moment of the episode posed a big question mark.  Overall, this episode was brilliant in terms of providing scores of intimate scenes between Can Yaman and Özge Gürel.

Is finally everything okay for Özgür and Ezgi?

Below is a little ratings chart for episodes 6 – 12. Psst! These are my ratings.

My Ratings for Episodes 6 - 12 of Bay Yanlış
My Ratings for Episodes 6 – 12 of Bay Yanlış


Hopefully, the later episodes will continue to be equally brilliant. But, there are rumors the series is going to end soon with episode 14 being the last. There has been no confirmed news yet from the production house at the time of writing of this post. I hope it turns out to be false.

The English subtitles were available on YouTube for the first three episodes. Sadly, they have been removed. But they are easily available on Google.

Keep calm and watch Can Yaman. 😀 I will be back with review of later episodes soon.

Spoiler-free review of episodes 13-14 can be found here.

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