Bay Yanlış – Turkish Dizi Review | Episodes 1 – 5

Can Yaman and Özge Gürel are back with a new series, Bay Yanlış (Mr. Wrong), that airs on Fox Turkey every Friday 8.00 P.M. They had previously worked together on Dolunay. Being a huge fan of Yaman, I could not afford to miss this one. To date, fourteen episodes have been aired. Episode 14 is the last in this series. This post features reviews of the first five episodes.

Let’s just say this is going to be another great series, which is going to take the world by storm again.

Bay Yanlış is a romantic, fun, and light-hearted drama. It features a great lead pair and a strong supporting cast. Hopefully, with enough help from the scriptwriters, it will be another magical series, even better than Yaman’s previous works.

Bay Yanlış Turkish dizi poster
Bay Yanlış Turkish dizi poster

Now, let’s have a brief look at episodes 1-5.

Spoiler-free review of episodes 6-12 can be found here.

Spoiler-free review of episodes 13-14 can be found here.

EPISODE 1 (which is also the synopsis)

Episode 1 serves as a great introduction to all the characters.

Ezgi is a beautiful woman with a kind heart, but she always ends up with the wrong men. Part of it has to do with her nature. She is kind-hearted. But she is also clingy, gives in to every request of her partner, and puts them above herself. Classic recipe for disaster.

Özgür is a handsome man, owner of an exclusive nightclub, and a talented bartender as well.

But … (when is the lead character interesting without any buts?)

… he is commitment-phobic and a big-time flirt. He has a charismatic personality which is why all the girls are attracted to him like a magnet. However, they are just one-night stands for him.

His equation with girls aside, he has a good equation with his childhood friend, Özan, who is also the chef in Özgür’s nightclub. Özgür treats Özan like a brother. He also treats his staff courteously without any haughtiness. He is a thorough gentleman.

Will Özgür, who apparently seems to be Mr. Wrong (Bay Yanlış), turn out to be Mr. Right for Ezgi?

In this episode, Can Yaman shows a lot of his toned body to emphasize that his character is a flirt. Other than a fun-filled episode, display of his abs hooks the audience’s attention.

Özgür and his pet dog, Tesla.


Episode 2 gives more breathing space to the supporting characters, Özan and Deniz (Ezgi’s friend), and Cansu (Ezgi’s cousin) and Levent (Cansu’s divorced boyfriend).

As I had expected, Yaman’s toned body, which was on ample display in the first episode, is mostly under wraps in this episode. This episode also focuses more on Ezgi and shows how desperate she is to find a boyfriend/husband.

Plus, the usual pairing between the supporting characters has started. After all, any Turkish romantic dizi is incomplete without supporting characters forming couples. Any romantic series is incomplete without that. 😊

I very much liked the “karşılaşma” between Deniz and Özan. Note: – karşılaşma means an encounter with someone, but it also means a confrontation. Here it means the latter.

Deniz and Özan Bay Yanlış
Deniz and Özan

Özgür shows just a hint of his sensitive side but quickly hides it again.

Cansu and Levent

Gürgen Öz’s comic timing, playing the character of Levent, is phenomenal in this episode. He provides the audience some humorous moments.

For me, the most special moment was Özgür encouraging Ezgi to love and value herself more. Although it was a good episode and I loved the banter between Özgür and Ezgi, I am still waiting for the magical moments that are a ritual with Can Yaman dizis.


Episode 3 starts well and ends with a bang. On the other hand, the middle parts were kind of a seesaw.

Reason – there is a scene where Ezgi is sad after seeing her ex-boyfriend with someone else, and she is thinking why he did not choose her. It is in scenes like these where Özge Gürel falls short of perfection; she came across as more tired than sad to me, in my humble opinion.

Nevertheless, the scenes at the last where Özgür and Ezgi explore the town are extremely good. In Özgür’s presence, Ezgi is slowly learning to live her life, to be a bit care-free.

Ezgi and Özgür


The family drama continues in Episode 4. The more time Özgür and Ezgi spend together, the more their personalities become clear to the audience.

For instance, Ezgi is so irritating. There is no other word for it. She is so tightly wound up in her insecurities and her inabilities. It will be fun to watch how her character grows as the dizi progresses. Özgür, on the other hand, is a self-assured man. He is irritated with Ezgi too, but never loses his politeness.

However, in front of the family, Ezgi’s helping nature comes into dominance. She needs people around her to buoy her. Ezgi and Özgür came a lot close in this episode.

But the ending… Wow, what a twist!

Will Özgür prove to be the right man for Ezgi?


Episode 5 was a definite improvement on the previous episode.

Yaman’s antics at the beginning of the episode were hilarious. Ezgi was once again being her hyper-paranoid self. For the first time, I saw Özgür getting jealous, even if a little bit. I also sensed a little bit of disappointment. I will not reveal why as that would be a spoiler.

Özgür and Ezgi have themselves invited disaster into their lives. It is now going to be a comedy of errors. Only the later episodes will show how they will climb out of the ditch they have dug up for themselves.

Below is a little ratings chart for episodes 1 – 5. Psst! These are my ratings.

My Ratings for Episodes 1 - 5 of Bay Yanlış
My Ratings for Episodes 1 – 5 of Bay Yanlış

Hopefully, the later episodes will be even more brilliant.

The English subtitles were available on YouTube for the first three episodes. Sadly, they have been removed. You can try searching for them on Google. You can also follow this Twitter account for live translations of the episodes every Friday.

Spoiler-free review of episodes 6-12 can be found here.

Spoiler-free review of episodes 13-14 can be found here.

Keep calm and watch Can Yaman. 😀

Let’s Chat

Hiya! Are you watching Bay Yanlış? What do you like the best about this series till now? Comment below.

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    1. You’ll love Turkish dramas even more than The Korean dramas. I, too, was (am) a fan of Korean dramas but once you start watching Turkish dizis (they call their dramas dizis), you’ll be hooked. These dizis have handsome actors, stunning Istanbul locales, and amazing lead pair chemistry. Plus, they also have sleek production. You can start by watching Can Yaman dizis or any popular Turkish dizi.

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